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Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth...

🗣PSA! When applying for insurance make sure you read each question and answer truthfully. How many people over the age of 14 live in your home? What is your job title? The latest tactic by cut rate insurance companies is to void your insurance policy after you’ve been hurt in a car crash. No policy = no PIP, no BI, no UM. They will look for any discrepancy in your original application to do so. For instance, your application says you’re a cashier but you’re really a server. Or your 15-year-old sister who doesn’t drive lives with you and you didn’t think it was necessary to disclose. WRONG. Cut rate insurance companies are claiming these discrepancies and omissions are “material misrepresentations.” They claim that maybe they wouldn’t have insured you, maybe your premium would have been higher. Maybe, but most likely not! Don’t let this happen to you. Read each question, answer it truthfully.

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